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If you would like to submit, send your work, pasted into an email rather than as an attachment,  to (I’ll give it in words to avoid spam; there are no spaces) janet underscore baker 76 at hotmail dot com.  The work of practicing Catholics writing about Catholic settings and Catholic characters is what’s up.

No pay. Decent editorial feedback, though (thirty-five years experience and a publishing trackrecord).   Hope to hear from you!


One Response to “Want to submit?”

  1. Patti Lamesch said

    I’d like to recommend some historical Catholic fiction: the books, a trilogy, by Sigrid Undset (sp?). The trilogy is titled “Kristin Lavransdattir”. It’s about Midieval Norway in the 1200’s “when all the world was Catholic” or pagan. The first book is titled “The Bridal Wreath”, then “The Mistress of Husaby” and the third “The Cross”. They are all about a Norwegian woman’s life, marriage and death. The era and landscape and life of the Middle Ages in Norway are very vividly portrayed. The writing is excellent. Sigrid actually won a pulitzer prize for this trilogy. They are excellent, especially if one enjoys historical fiction.

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