Another Eve

March 2, 2010

Father Miguel sat quietly, his divine office forgotten on his lap, and gazed sadly around the garden. The Copa del Oro had been stripped again. The thing had gotten at the roses, too. It had taken one perfect bite out of four, no, five, buds on the fragrant red Mr. Lincoln, just one malicious bite each to leave the bud to bloom deformed. And then it had eaten the miniature Fairy almost to the earth. This is why Father Miguel sat so quietly with a sling shot in his hand and a pile of rocks at the ready. He felt a perfect fool. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, fiction lover!

February 8, 2010

Note added in October 2010: I’m re-writing all of Confession:  Catholics escape the colony to an asteroid in the Oorte Cloud and establish a Catholic state. But the characters introduced here will appear.

Note added December, 2011: I am still working on the science fiction novel. I have fifty thousand words, and know where I’m heading. But–there are so many apostolates, it takes time!  Pray for me, please!

[Edit: now, in 2015, I am preparing for the publication of the novel Run based on a combination of Confession and When Will We Fall Down? I hope, after that, to contribute more to this poor site! Sorry!]

Thank you for visiting here.  The site is under revision and open to your comments.  Three stories are posted so far.  ‘Confession’, begins in the confines of a confessional where a priest is bravely trying to pronounce the words of absolution to a woman while suffering an attack of claustraphobia.   He will soon find himself in even closer confines if he accepts a mission that puts him on a shuttle headed for the stars.

The story,’ When Will We Fall Down?’ is about the first space colony, and the subsequent launch of the first Catholic state in space–or rather the first Catholic ship, racing to Alpha Centauri on a mission to bring home wheat to a dying Earth. It is the first story of a series of which ‘Confession’ is also a part, and in it we meet a girl who falls in love. Isn’t that where a whole lot of stories start?

‘Another Eve’ has nothing to do with outer space.  The setting is Mexico, the Green Mountains of Jalisco. Who wins the battle between the young priest and a marauding iguana? This story had been accepted by New York Stories when that rather prestigious publication unexpectedly folded due to the resignation of the editor.

If you would like to post a story here,  email me at janet underscore baker seventy six at hotmail dot com.   Be a practicing Catholic and have Catholic references in the story, those are the requirements for editorial consideration. And thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment!