I have a suitably broken heart. The Eucharist always makes it feel better.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Marion LeSage said

    You mention SSPX is some of your articles. Are you affiliated with the SSPX?

  2. Marion LeSage said

    I’m very glad to hear it. I attend St. Mary’s Academy and College myself, and am an alumni of that school. Your blog is very informative and right on the mark. Thank you for standing up for the Truth. God bless you.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I hope to visit your neck of the woods later this spring. Most people don’t visit the fiction section. I am figuring you have an interest in (Catholic) fiction. I haven’t updated either sections in a while because I’m working on a Catholic science fiction novel set on the first space colony. I wish a priest would read Another Eve, in the fiction section, but none ever has. I think it is probably the only fictional treatment of Vatican II’s teaching on the priesthood. Check out the page on Yuma at the blog. Hugh Akins. Yuma is possibly the worst-written fiction piece ever!! (Oh his dialogue!) And yet you ought to get and read it just for the blasting effect it has on the history you think you know. And the appendix is priceless. Akins in finishing a new piece, Synogogue Rising, and I’m holding my breath hoping it doesn’t add to the problem (you know, the Archbishop asked us to use philosophical terms–liberalism. Not racial, or national, in other words). Yours in Christ, cheers, happy Easter, Janet

  3. Joanie said

    I just came across this blog. Are you still active?

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